The smiling and happy SRNDPTY globe signifies our dedication to striving to give all children the possibility of learning through serendipity the joy of tennis, or creating a foundation for their participation in other sports.

To reach serendipity and mastery of any sport, "Children have the right to experience a sense of mastery and to learn many different skills. They must also be granted opportunities for variation, training and interaction with others", as stated in the Children's Rights in Sport and Provisions on Children's Sport by the NORWEGIAN OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC COMMITTEE AND CONFEDERATION OF SPORTS (NIF).

We are proud to be based in Norway. When you work with us you will notice that these rights serve as a foundation for reaching serendipity. They also state that, "Children have the right to choose which sport, or how many sports, they would like to participate in – and decide for themselves how much they would like to train." We believe that training is playing, and playing is never limited on our globe.

On our happy globe, all children start with a clean white sheet, just as when they were born. They then build skills from white to green through play and moments of serendipity.

A ball, as the essential feature in many forms of gameplay requiring physical exertion, dates from the very earliest times.

We are not following a strict hierarchical model defined by age, hence the rounded lines. The ability and the joy of mastery should define which equipment is to be used.

Even adults should give orange or red balls a try sometime in order to have fun with the game of tennis. Hey – it’s just a game!